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  • Unlimited access to all our products and services (Discord status 'GURU') including Bifrost, less than one coffee per day. A 20% discount for any product.
    A plan designed only for those who want to use our scalpers: Sarry; Adrenaline; Million Dollar Guru; ScalFibo Indicator. (Discord status 'GURU'). A 15% discount for these products.
    You will only use cBots for a more stable and balanced operation: Trend Master;Murphy Antimartingale. (Discord status 'GURU'). A 15% discount for these products.
    A plan designed for copiers and copy-trading service providers, you'll have access to Bifrost (assistance); Multi Dashboard. (Discord status 'GURU'). A 15% discount for these products.
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This is the best solution to try our products without obligation.

We offer the satisfied or refunded formula, if you are not satisfied with our products within 7 days we will refund you (minus management fees)

Statistically, our customers recover their subscription fees within the first week.

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