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With Trades To WebHook it will be very easy to share your operations with the web, very useful if you want to do it with Telegram or any other chat-bot

Version: 1.0.6 (12.10.2020)

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Technical Information

With Trades To Webhook you can share your inputs

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A very powerful tool, we have developed it to help anyone who has particular financial sharing channels or feeds. It requires a minimum of knowledge of HTTP requests, if you are not practical get help from a good friend or ask us directly in chat

The default parameters are for an example of use with a Telegram bot that sends information to a group but the use of this cBot is available for any webhook service that has the ability to receive information by means of POST requests, watch this video for understand better and then download it now is free

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In this updated video it is explained how to configure the Telegram Bot step by step taking for example another tool but the function and purpose are identical.




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