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Resource Monitor it is an indispensable tool for those who own a VPS and want to be warned in case of excessive CPU usage while operating with the cTrader, the greatest risk is that the VPS restarts without our knowledge causing operational problems. It works better than other external applications.

Version: 1.0.0 (07.05.2021)

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Technical Information

Resource Monitor to monitor the CPU of the VPS or PC

Some VPS, especially the shared ones, have limited resources. When you have multiple cTrader instances open, they consume them very easily. Resource Monitor allows you to monitor the VPS resources and once a certain threshold is exceeded, it sends a ping to a preconfigured webhook (for example Telegram).

Any application that has a webhook service can be used for the purpose. Not only Telegram but also Messenger, even a service of your own on your site.

This image shows the Resource Monitor parameters, you can see two important details:

  • The first is the reset value which must be changed carefully, because too low a level could considerably delay the sending of the alert. While too high a value would risk sending too many pings to the webhook.
  • The second highlighted detail draws attention to the webhook that must be configured. (the default values ​​are placeholders for Telegram Bots)

There is no need to insert the tool for each cTrader instance or for each open chart, just one is enough, you need to add more only if you want to drive more triggers to different webhooks.

We recommend inserting at least one for each server because most of the time you start with a starter configuration that is not too expensive in terms of resources but it is customary to find yourself after some time with many open graphics and many cBots at work.

We would like to point out that when a server restarts without warning you risk losing money if you have open positions in the market. The project is free and open-source so why not take advantage of it?

We promote actions and habits of good conduct for safe and responsible trading, follow these small steps to become a successful professional trader and don't forget to share them with your social networks.



2 reviews for Resource Monitor

  1. franc -

    You are extraordinary, even there are client-side solutions this is fast and cheap, thanks ...

  2. Out Cast -

    Sorry nobbagine, but what is it for ???

    • cTrader Guru -

      Imagine you have a shared VPS and want to monitor a certain CPU threshold, with this tool you can receive a notification every time this threshold is exceeded, by means of a ping to a webhook such as Telegram

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