Money Break Even

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Money Break Even is a simple but powerful tool to increase control over the management of operations.

Version: 1.0.8 (15.10.2020)

Technical Information

With Money Break Even you can protect your profits

This cBot is used to protect profits in the event of erratic volatility or for strategies involving well-defined money management.

The operation is very simple but brilliant, it takes as reference the Net Profit (profit after expenses) when it reaches a predetermined amount or target it is activated and prevents the profit from falling beyond a preset target such as a breakeven point.

The logic can be both positive and negative, both global and local, it means that I can apply a positive logic if I am gaining and a negative one if I am losing, for the cross on which it was started or for all crosses.

A practical example

it could be applied to one of the circumstances that occurs very often or when after having been in profit for an important period of time the market comes back burning the profits, so to secure the trades we could insert one with an activation target of € 10 and a break even point of € 1, the operations would be protected and therefore closed only if the Net Profit first reaches the activation target, same thing but on the contrary if in negative logic.

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