There are no words to describe Bifrost, it is absolutely one of a kind. A communication protocol that connects all Brokers.

Version: 1.1.3 (21.04.2022)

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Technical Information

The system that connects all brokers

Play VideoCompletely redesigned, based on the library ZeroMQ which serves to connect external processes and structures.

The video demonstrates how to install the EAs and cBots needed to share trades, we are talking about cTrader / Metatrader 4 / Metatrader 5.

The parameters are quite simple to understand, perhaps the only parameter that could create problems is "Broker Sign", to understand what it is for you have to refer to some brokers who use different names to refer to a couple, for example EURUSD. in place of EURUSD

The additional period is the additional sign that the broker enters, so when you boot on a machine the Copyer or Provider be careful that with that Broker there is not an added character, in this case insert the extra character in the parameter Broker Sign (then add the simple point)

Version 1.12 is free throughout 2022, there will be news for 2023.


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