Intermediate Course

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Intermediate course for novice traders, basic knowledge of trading, nomenclature and relations with brokers are required.

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You will start earning seriously

Once you have purchased the course you will be contacted to arrange an appointment where you will be taught the advanced techniques for trading with discipline.

Advanced concepts, strategies, advanced money management, these are the topics covered in this course for live intermediates, the video explains exactly how to use these techniques, buy the course only if you can't learn them and / or if you want to deepen their peculiarities.

It will be done through the application Zoom, via Skype or other similar applications, all live one by one directly with Leonardo Ciaccio

7 reviews for Intermediate Course

  1. cTrader Guru -

    Recommended by the staff, with this course you will avoid losing money unnecessarily.

  2. demis by francesco -

    great for becoming a pro

  3. alessio casali -

    Superlative course, useful and clear, structured and explained in an excellent way, by a serious Professional

  4. Armando Brecciaroli -

    If my way of trading today has reached a level of satisfaction and profitability I owe it to Leonardo's teachings and continuous suggestions. The course teaches to be absolutely respectful of the Money Management method and the proportionality of the assets that are put into "play" during the trading session.
    I highly recommend taking one of his courses.

  5. Giorgio Liberti Garlet -

    It is not true that on the internet there are only cunning and scammers. I'm happy there are also people like Leonardo. His intermediate course is the course you want, what a person actually expects from a teaching, basically the course that is worth taking. Spend 2 hours of teaching that the crafty would charge a fee. The method he teaches about Money Management has been a real enlightenment.
    My advice: Do it.

  6. Giorgio Martinelli (Verified owner) -

    I found the intermediate course very useful and positive, from a method of money management that I have not found elsewhere, professional, polite explanation, without ever making you feel inadequate. I have been experimenting with it in demo for a few weeks and if you follow the rules strictly, you can see the result! I recommend it to anyone who wants to trade seriously!

    • cTrader Guru -

      Thanks, it's very kind of you

  7. katana_87 -

    Truly unique experience, I come from different trading courses, some of which with three zeros, and I never had the certainty as in this case that my training investment was correct and complete. Person always available and courteous, clear and exhaustive teacher. I have known and used the products he offers on the site for a long time and with profit. I recommend it to anyone who really wants to have the right knowledge to make trading their job

    • cTrader Guru -

      Thanks dear, it was a pleasure to meet you, see you on Discord?

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