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With Trend Vision things get clearer, the fundamental aspect is to know the trend and he tells us exactly what trend we are in

Version: 1.0.1 (14.05.2020)

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Technical Information

With Trend Vision everything will appear clearer

When you know the direction of a movement it is easy to make an accurate guess, this indicator is indispensable.

Depending on the strategy you intend to follow, the basic information is the direction to take, we would never dream of entering a long downtrend or vice versa.

Let as many people know as possible that this tool is available for download at a ridiculously low price if you consider the enormous advantage it offers, I assure you that the first trade you make following this indicator will repay you for the expense made.



1 review for Trend Vision

  1. Daniele Doctors -

    Excellent indicator to immediately understand the trend (Flat, Long and Short).

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