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Fibonacci Scalping, with its proportions, it is practically the oldest strategy in the world, ScalFibo Indicator will help you to apply it and eliminate possible false triggers. Clear signals are provided and by means of the alerts it will also be possible to move away from the chart.

Version: 1.1.2 (23.02.2021)

Technical Information

ScalFibo is the conjunction of two terms SCALPING FIBONACCI

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Let's start by saying that we are talking about scalping, or rather scalping like a PRO, and that we will therefore talk about very fast time-frames, maximum 5 minutes (do not go below 1 minutes). However, this specific strategy can also be applied with larger time-frames, this is because the Fibonacci aspect ratio is used.

In the shared video all the features are explained


How does it work?

ScalFibo analyzes the period set in the parameters and follows the strategy according to which the alerts are conceived.

When the retracement reaches the proportion of 38.2% of Fibonacci, the strategy begins, but be careful, there are rules. It shouldn't be too long from conception or too little.

The time window is highly customizable, as well as the ability to propagate the trigger with the signal. These windows are drawn on the graph.

The period that is considered must not exceed a certain volatility, this takes into consideration only the Daily candles. An average of these is the minimum limit to consider. (Day Average)

I want to be clear on the subject, scalping is only for a select few who are experts in this technique. Many venture out thinking they will make millions, it is not so.

You earn, even good, but you have to be disciplined and this tool helps you to be disciplined and prudent in scalping. Fibonacci does not have all the answers but it is the only truly reliable tool.

The video explains exactly how to manage this strategy, I advise you to follow it carefully from start to finish without zapping.
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We collect constructive feedback to improve this and all other tools, if you think something can be added or modified / improved then write to us without hesitation.

2 reviews for ScalFibo Indicator

  1. Out Cast -

    The fifth star when you automate it, for the moment only 4 even if it works great, thanks

    • cTrader Guru -

      Thanks, we feel encouraged, even if I see it hard because the discretionary component is the added value

  2. Luca Saraceni -

    Simply extraordinary, comfortable and punctual, I like it a lot

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