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With MARSI the oscillators take shape, the trigger becomes clearer and consequently also the market entry, excellent as a filter in any case

Version: 1.0.5 (13.05.2020)

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With MARSI the oscillators take shape

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In this version we have improved a shared project on the website of ctrader, as often happens we happen to notice projects that are not bad but unfortunately written poorly or with little enthusiasm, we amplify their potential by offering reliable and exceptional products for free.



5 reviews for MARSI

  1. Ennio Depalo -

    Great product

  2. orio.1 -

    Indicator that you can provide excellent support to our strategies. Really very interesting.

  3. davideloverde25 -

    Great, I made it my main strategy

  4. luca fault -

    Good job. Setting the ma to 14 periods on H1 is phenomenal ...

  5. Ely -

    I confirm, at 14 periods on H1 it works well, and is it also free?

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