Market Watch Correlated


With Market Watch Correlated it will be possible to enter an unlimited number, one for each cross to keep under control, extraordinary for top traders

Version: 1.0.2 (09.06.2021)

Technical Information

With the Correlated Market Watch you can

Monitor each cross you want, you can add as many as you want, it is usually used to monitor similar crosses such as EURUSD / AUDUSD / GBPUSD but also contrarian or opposition cros such as EURUSD / USDJPY and then it's free what are you waiting for download it.

Among the most powerful and innovative indicators ever, the classic view of the professional trader who at a glance recognizes the strength of a cross in relation to the others.

It graphically represents the price trend of the individual crosses in relation to the respective EMA. Brilliant! You can add as many as you like, one for each cross to compare.




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