MA Color Candles

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BUT Color Candles simple to use powerful in the interpretation of the trend, the candles will no longer have the same meaning, they will tell you exactly how to interpret the trend.

Version: 1.0.5 (26.07.2021)

Technical Information

With MA Color Candles you will be able to notice the changes in the movements

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Among the most used indicators ever, the initial project presented a sparse and poorly performing logic, we took the opportunity to create something very interesting, we entered the data of 3 indicators and made it an extraordinary tool.

Just insert it on the chart to immediately get an idea of ​​the market, the flat areas that signal a possible reversal point are very useful, download it now it's free.



1 review for MA Color Candles

  1. Bazinga -

    The best indicator of all time, to think that it is also free, don't you think GLASSIEEEEEEEE?

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