Linear Regression

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Linear Regression one of the most loved indicators ever, its simplicity makes it unique, it identifies the trend in the regression channel

Version: 1.0.1 (16.05.2020)

Technical Information

With Linear Regression you no longer have to worry about the trend

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This indicator in its simplicity hides an unprecedented power, the fact of knowing at a glance where the market is moving is practically everything in trading.

A self-respecting trader always draws a trend channel, he must do it to set the direction of the strategy, he cannot do without it, with this indicator everything happens automatically.

The default period is 120 or on a 1H chart it is equivalent to a week or 5 days of trading, what are you waiting for, download it now it's free and it will always be!



1 review for Linear Regression

  1. luca fault -

    Use it with the marsi indicator (but 14 periods h1) WILL GIVE YOU GREAT RESULTS… Thank you for your effort in offering these indicators.

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