Force Index

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Force Index is a unique indicator of its kind, used with a lot of interest by scalpers and intraday traders, it measures the strength of a directional movement

Version: 1.0.4 (30.06.2020)

Technical Information

With the Force Index, volatility has no more secrets

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This indicator is particularly loved by scalpers, in fact it is the only one that is used to monitor and interpret volatility.

Its use is really simple, in the presence of a volatility, whether it is bullish or bearish, the Force Index carefully follows the movement, itercetting both the beginning and the end of this, in the presence of a value close to zero it is better to remain flat.
Indispensable and cannot be missing in the set of indicators so download it now it's free.



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  1. Out Cast -

    I did not know this indicator, I find it great for [scalping]

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