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Trend Master a solid and stable strategy, one of the few trading robots where you can invest important assets without risking to burn the accounts

Version: 1.2.7 (18.02.2022)

Free trial (backtest only)

Technical Information

Trend Master among the most stable, try it!

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I immediately realized that this strategy has a very solid and performing logic, stable over time.

When we talk about cBot or EA for Metatrader we always have in mind an automation that makes us earn without doing anything, well this is not possible but with this cBot we can use the account as a piggy bank and see it grow over time without risking burning the 'asset.

Of course you need to have a knowledge of the market and become familiar with this gem but everything will align with our needs.

Since we created a subscription plan, our customers have grown particularly fond of Trend Master. The 'Trader' membership is exclusive to this cBot.

In the tab COPY TRADING we advertise the best services using this cBot, which we personally monitor and supervise. If you decide to use Trend Master in your copy trading services then please do not hesitate to let us know.

Webinar with TopFX

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This is our latest webinar in collaboration with TopFX on 26.07.2021, enjoy.

The new optimization criteria

In this article let's deepen the news regarding the new version 1.2.5 and the optimization criteria.

5 reviews for Trend Master

  1. Armando Brecciaroli -

    One of the best cBots that have been programmed in recent years.
    The cTrader Guru team worked passionately in compiling this cBot by sharing all the various possible variants with Pro users and for many months shared optimization tests were carried out on various brokers to obtain maximum performance.

    I am happy to have had the opportunity to be part of the testing phase.

    Congratulations indeed to all the cTrader Guru staff!

  2. Robin Hood (Verified owner) -

    I like it very well, relaxed as a strategy and above all solid, but do you share the presets?

    • cTrader Guru -

      Thanks for your purchase and interest, we share presets on Patreon with a minimal subscription Guest but we also share free ones always on Patreon at least once a month

  3. Steve Jhonson (Verified owner) -

    OMG so amazing!

    • cTrader Guru -


  4. Bazinga -

    But for the presets? do you offer them for free or do you have to pay? I get great optimizations but I don't know which one to choose

    • cTrader Guru -

      On Patreon we provide free presets every now and then for others you just need one Guest subscription that today we are talking about € 5 per month

  5. Luca Saraceni -

    Congratulations, I'm speechless, truly exceptional!

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