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Scalping Parabolic SAR, Sarry is one of the most powerful cBots we have ever developed, reliable and in line with expectations, we have included a unique logic of its kind.

Version: 1.3.5 (18.02.2022)

Free trial (backtest only)

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Technical Information

Scalping Parabolic SAR

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In fact it is among the very few cBots that can be used on any time frame.
To evaluate the product it is possible to download the backtest only version to carry out tests or optimizations before purchasing.

Scalping with the Parabolic SAR is common practice, but putting it into a strategy that can be used over multiple time frames is another thing.

We have found that the time frames that work best are 5 and 15 minutes, fast and sensitive to market noise, increase the time frame period if there are too many erratic movements. Don't expect millions but rather a manageable system.

The input trigger is obviously the Parabolic SAR but the filtering? We have exposed some parameters for filtering, but the real magic is inside it and that is why it is impossible to replicate the strategy, there are many attempts to clone Sarry, but only bad copies come out that work very badly.

Beware of imitations!

Yes, Sarry is a manageable system within everyone's reach, you don't need to be a professional to use it, the strategy is easy and intuitive. The video tutorial explains in an exhaustive way how to change the parameters and what they are for, I recommend watching without zapping until the end.

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3 reviews for Sarry

  1. franc (Verified owner) -

    I confirm the substance of this product, even if at the beginning I encountered some difficulties, the staff was punctual in assistance.
    Great presets they share, I took advantage of the free free ones, I'll do a Guest subscription!

  2. Black Aristotle (Verified owner) -

    I was among the first to buy Sarry and I must admit that over time it has matured a lot, it pays the expenses and catalyzes the profits, this is my feedback

  3. alvix1 (Verified owner) -

    I start from the end making my compliments to all the staff of Ctrader Guru for creating this scalper. Even if I have recently come into possession of it and I cannot say that I exploit it to 100% thanks to the support provided and the presets published on Patreon, I have been able to see the validity of this cbot.

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