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Scalping with Million Dollar Guru, a very powerful scalper, the best tool to analyze volatility and intervene with adequate power, a real sniper, widely used by those who only make very fast operations.

Version: 1.2.1 (05.03.2021)

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Million Dollar Guru an exceptional scalper

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Scalping for everyone, fast and highly volatile operations, particularly loved by young people and appreciated by those who have been involved in scalping for years.

In the video tutorial I explain in an exhaustive way how it works and what are the conditions to be able to optimize it for all couples, it would be impossible and boring to expose all the features in this description, so I recommend you to watch and review the video without zapping to actually understand what to do.

However I would like to make some recommendations, for those who do not want to see the video and for those who do not understand Italian, like any other scalper works with a high risk, so it must be tamed.

Don't get me wrong, this cBot does exactly what it should and does it automatically, we have noticed for example that if it stops on erratic days or close to crazy news, you get hallucinating results, disproportionate profits.

Anyone who knows me knows that I prefer cBot and quieter and more relaxed strategies, personally I am better off with Trend Master, at most Sarry, but this does not mean that this strategy does not work, do you like scalping? Then use it!

5 reviews for Million Dollar Guru

  1. Armando Brecciaroli (Verified owner) -

    I have been in contact with the cTrader Guru team for some time and I immediately found, in the person of Leonardo, "true" professionalism, competence and seriousness compared to the various "crap" that exist in the trading world.
    I use several products provided by cTrader Guru and I had the chance to "test" Million Dollar Guru, a real gem !!
    MDG is a truly performing cBot scalping, precise and developed by the capable team of cTrader Guru with the support of the "beta-testers" who have allowed to obtain exceptional performances in a short time.

    Absolutely a must-have product in the drawer of trading tools.

    Good job!!

  2. demis by francesco (Verified owner) -

    This cbot is the result of years of experience and development, exceptional, thank you for developing it

  3. Alberto (Verified owner) -

    Really a super job. This scalper is truly the top. Must-have!

  4. Steve Jhonson -

    Too fast and aggressive for my taste?

  5. Robin Hood (Verified owner) -

    He is too aggressive, he earns if you follow him, even a lot ...

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