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Scalping, a real strategy imbued with Adrenalin, a scalper that is not forgotten for its stubbornness. To be used with pliers, tests and insights on demo account before putting into real.

Version: 1.1.1 (11.04.2022)

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Technical Information

Self-modeling scalping

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Adrenaline it's a cBot to do scalping, uses a one-of-a-kind recovery martingale. You don't have to think of the usual martingale but rather of a self-modeling mechanism.

It comes with a preset optimized for the last historical period of a year, however immediately if put to work it brings out its potential, developed for martingale lovers and for those who live in scalping.

In a nutshell and without getting too technical, it can be identified as a persistent strategy.

A classic martingale uses a very simple logic, if it is not good then it will be better then increase the size.
Nothing could be more wrong, because as often happens if a direction is contrary to ours it will probably continue in its direction.

The persistent martingale has the same doubling logic but changes direction with each loss, the odds increase in our favor.

We don't have to build castles on our heads, let's try not to dream scenarios where we all get rich because this cBot is never wrong, none of this.
However, we can use this strategy for occasions where an oversold or overbought is reached, at which point it becomes unbeatable.

How much to invest with this strategy?

We teach our students to work with assets and never with all the capital, they must never exceed the 30% quota.
It would be better to diversify because things could still go wrong, use it with a demo account and once you become an expert you will pass in real.

Avoid high-impact news if possible, those are never good for scalpers of this type, share your presets with the our community, the more we are the better it is for everyone.

Do not forget to share this cBot with your social accounts, even if it is an interesting project a little advertising never hurts.

7 reviews for Adrenaline

  1. Elisabetta Sortano (Verified owner) -

    I buy Leonardo with confidence, do I trust in your help?

    • cTrader Guru -

      Of course dear, as always, if you need me, you can find me on the official social channels, I'm waiting for you on Discord

  2. Steve Jhonson -

    Backtest performe like a charm, but in real?

    • cTrader Guru -

      Hi Steve, so far we have encouraging results, we need more time

  3. Robin Hood -

    Exceptional backtest, I think I'll take it with the promotion?

  4. Luca Saraceni (Verified owner) -

    I use it at 1m and I am satisfied, it is evident that it needs to improve and I believe that with the latest version we are already at a good point. Small advice, on timeframes that are too fast, stop him during important news if he has not opened positions.

    • cTrader Guru -

      I agree, and I add, in the first days of the week that enters I will publish a further update where new filters are added. I agree to stop it in case of high impact news with erratic timeframes, thanks for the purchase and for the advice.

  5. Ely -

    Do you recommend me to buy Adrenaline or copy-trading? I tried it in backtest on tf 3m and it looks like a bomb

    • cTrader Guru -

      Hi Ely, and thanks for your interest,
      they are two totally different points of view, I would recommend both solutions, if you buy it consider that you must know how to use it, while for copy-trading the interaction is reset

  6. Bazinga -

    Is the promotion over? could you have a coupon? congratulations, great job, the backtests are exceptional, I follow the copy with interest

    • cTrader Guru -

      Hi, I'm sorry but I can't, there are users who buy it at full price and it's not fair to them, for promotions we talk about it again at Christmas. Thanks for the compliments in fact there is a lot of work behind it.

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