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A cBot Base to help the development of new automations saving money, all the common features are present, only the triggers need to be added

Version: 1.4.6 (14.02.2022)

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With cBot Base you can save an avalanche of time

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Some developers have their own snippets, reusable pieces of code that help speed up the development process of an application in this case a cBot.

We wanted to share an entire cBot base to set up a correct and clean logic, in favor of the whole community and anyone who wants to learn how to develop cBots that, as we all know, uses the .NET Framework with the C # language. What are you waiting for, download it now it's free and open source


GitHub: https://github.com/cTrader-Guru/cBot-Base

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    The staff recommends playing with this template to make the code visible and understandable for everyone

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