A cBot with optimization criteria has an edge

Since its inception Trend Master it has proven to be solid and reliable, any parameter you enter he manages to contextualize them by means of his powerful filters.

We have managed, over time, to obtain extraordinary results in terms of profits and stability, we have created a real paradigm within the infinite possibilities that parameterizations offer.

A large number of parameters undoubtedly requires a deep knowledge of the cBot as well as knowing how to optimize them to get the most out of it.

We have produced and disseminated many documents that help our customers to get the most out of Trend Master, today we have added an extra support, we have managed to insert within it a convention that returns only the optimizations that we believe are the best.

We have noticed over time that many of you struggle and are rather doubtful about which preset to choose after an optimization, so we have created a custom optimization criterion, in order to take advantage of this feature you have to select Custom in the optimization criteria:

This criterion maximizes profits and minimizes the drawdown in relation to some key parameters, these parameters must always be optimized:

It is not mandatory to use this criterion and these precautions, you are always free to choose the best strategy to optimize, with the criteria you prefer

Various passes will be returned, this is because the genetic algorithm branches and chooses presets with the given criteria, the choice at this point is really simple, you just need to order the list for the Fitness (or in Italian Adequacy) and choose the preset with a better score; with the highest profit and lowest drawdown:

With the new criteria you will notice two details, that after having ordered the Fitness list, the Sortino index is decidedly high and the drawdown considerably low, so the higher profit will be more in line with our expectations.

In conclusion, I do not want in any way to guarantee that this criterion will give you a magical preset, we cannot predict the future, but we are seriously working on it 🙂


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