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In this article I will explain how to move around the site, how information is distributed and how Traders improve their numbers.


This project was created on 03 July 2018 by Leonardo Ciaccio, was used to teach people how to approach the world of trading and how to do it using the cTrader.

The experience in programming as well as in Trading of its founder have allowed to create a professional place full of free open-source tools, within everyone's reach, be they amateurs or professionals.

In recent years, all user feedback has been collected, to date improvements and progress towards a supply of advanced services have been noted, all with the aim of increasing the performance of Traders. For the most demanding, paid services have been included that establish a very specific border line, after which all the details will be displayed.


At the beginning we wanted to structure the whole project only and exclusively on social networks, but the truth is that immediately the need for something more specific arose, a place where attention was focused on a single topic, networks could not satisfy this need, because they were too dispersive and full of false and misleading information.

A mission has always marked the pace of our evolutions, that of never cheating our users, always informing them with honesty and sincerity while knowing that this would have made us less attractive, often disappointing their expectations fed by incorrect and fraudulent information disseminated in the social network.

This is hard work that offers extraordinary possibilities, it is not the land of toys, and we do everything to make it not the land of fools.


The search box in the toolbar finds topics throughout the site, Blog; Shop; Pages. While on the right is the chat for assistance


Like this post, system information is collected here, more complete information that deserves further study, it will be less nourished than other channels but it is in fact the place where all the news and developments of this project are released.

Insights on products and services, copy-trading, success stories and all those information that require detailed study; clear and comprehensive, not just a tweet.


The search box in the sidebar finds topics only among blog articles


All products and services can be found here, cBot; Indicators; Tools; Courses and anything else all contained in one place, organized by categories with a dedicated search engine.


The search box in the sidebar finds topics only among the products of the Shop

Product Sheets

Each single product in the Shop is accompanied by a brief description; a detailed description and depending on the product additional information is offered, for example some cBots such as Trend Master they are used for copy-trading services, these are mentioned in a specific dedicated tab Copy Trading.

The products that offer the possibility to be tested in backtest can be downloaded using the button FREE TRIAL (BACKTEST ONLY).

There are open-source products, references on the source code are shared in the tab Source.


Subscriptions offer the possibility of accessing only the products you need for the time you want at a ridiculously low price. They have been designed to meet people who approach the world of trading, to be part of something concrete.

The concept is simple, every single floor offers access to cTrader Guru Discord community with capacity GURU, that is, users can range and participate in all channels on the server, and discounts on the purchase of cBots present in the subscription plan.

The costs differ depending on the products you want to use, for example, if I use scalping strategies I will subscribe scalp to get access only to scalping cBots; if, on the other hand, the style is more relaxed then it will be better to make the plan Trader; The supporter takes care to participate only in the community, supporting it; Plan Guru it is the most complete one of everything except the courses.

Those who have a subscription will see appear in the product sheet (the product that is part of the subscription) a new button DOWNLOAD which allows them to download it.


Before buying a product, subscribe to a subscription plan to try it out, if you like it, continue otherwise you stop, in any case you save time and money, the subscription plan offers discounts on the products in question.


All communications are disseminated via Twitter, plus we share some technical analysis for Major (Forex) pairs every morning.

If you want to stay informed about our news then it's worth it follow us on Twitter.


Lately and with some regularity we have been abandoning ours Facebook page . because it is not very effective for the purpose of disseminating information, our audience does not use Facebook a lot, so we limit ourselves to sharing only very important information on the page.


We have produced and shared thousands of video tutorials for free with a single purpose, to help anyone who was approaching Trading and cTrader.

Strategies; Webinar; Courses; Tutorials and much more, totally free, we put the heart and transparency necessary to direct your training path in the right direction.

If you are Italian and you are approaching Trading or the cTrader you cannot not register for ours Youtube channel.


This group had been abandoned to facilitate the transition to Discord but following some proposals from cTrader Official we have reopened the assistance service on Telegram, only in Italian, multilingual for cTrader Guru services.

The primary point of contact, a real-time dialogue with those who could provide you with assistance, the policy is the same as the community, everyone helps everyone and the most willing will be rewarded. Leonardo Ciaccio is always present in this group, join now.


We have recently landed on this too social networks, we have followed up on numerous requests to participate, we publish analysis and other information like Twitter.


We offer all our registered users the opportunity to participate with an affiliation in the sale of our products and our subscriptions.

We reserve them 10% on every sale of any paid product and 10% on every subscription plan including renewals. To participate, just share your affiliate link that you find in your private "Dashboard" area.

Personal Improvement

When you frequent certain environments it is inevitable to become addicted to certain practices, our working format and how we have set up our communication convey seriousness, solidity, transparency and discipline.

If you are new to it, you will immediately feel the presence of constant support, people like you who walk well-trodden and well-structured paths, growth is a natural evolution of these practices.

If, on the other hand, you are professionals, but also only intermediate, you will appreciate the ideas and innovations that are presented regularly, new paradigms and different points of view complete your professional path.

We offer assistance not only to grow but also to take root, to open your own copy-trading service, to structure a community of people who like us love this job, who love trading ❤

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