USDJPY Analysis of 14.03.2022

Surely in the overbought area but it might surprise us

APAC markets are shifting their focus from the latest developments in the Russian-Ukrainian war to worsening Covid outbreaks in China. Across China, including Shanghai and northeastern Changchun Industrial Center, there are broader restrictions of varying degrees. Second-order effects include an as yet undetermined impact on global supply chains and inflation, as well as growing domestic downside risks to the Chinese economy. Discussions between Ukraine and Russia continue - The European press will focus on a military attack on the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security about 20 miles from the Polish border in western Ukraine over the weekend.


Oil prices are slightly lower, despite a weekend attack on northern Iraq and the suspension of talks with Iran last week, suggesting that the market is now better able to quantify the supply shock, which it is far from the worst case scenario.


However, the USD / JPY bullish move has outstripped what the US earnings implies, making control of the pair rich. As US bonds continue to sell, they will have to buy back USDJPY because they are overly guaranteed. But I think the two keys to the USD / JPY recovery are rising US yields and the ongoing recovery in oil and LNG markets, as oil buyers' currencies are expected to continue selling until energy markets start. to decrease.

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