It would be truly extraordinary

The cTrader is in fact the best trading platform ever developed, perfection is achieved with its optimizations.

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However, something is missing precisely in the optimizations, an option that helps us to export the various setups, those to do the optimization itself, not to be confused with the results, those can be exported.

Imagine you are in your hands with an extraordinary cBot full of options and parameters, well, the first thing you will do is to optimize every single parameter for the period you want, all perfect.

The problem arises when you find yourself having to share all the parameters, every single range of the cBot to do the optimizations, stressful, unnerving, discouraging.

The cTrader development team takes into consideration changes that have attracted some interest from users, they evaluate these recommendations, these proposals with a voting system.

We have created a dedicated Thread and we ask everyone to vote for this feature, we need it, all users need it, but if it is not sufficiently supported it risks ending up in oblivion.

After reading this whole post I expect you to rate this feature otherwise you just wasted time 🙂


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