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With great regret we announce the definitive closure of ...

A wonderful service what Discord offers, however it seems not to be particularly appreciated by our traders.

The characteristics that distinguish Discord from other tools is the ability to organize and interact in a clean and well-ordered way.

We hijack our services on Telegram, even if we have never actually abandoned it, the premium paid services will be disclosed on this site and on other channels that we will communicate to you in the future.

Currently our analyzes are free, but in the future only subscribers will be able to enjoy it.

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Armando Brecciaroli March 19, 2022 at 9:27 am

A pity that the majority of traders did not appreciate and understand the great potential of the platform made available to them.
In any case, congratulations to the cTrader.Guru Team for the availability and competence demonstrated in all these years.
See you on Telegram!

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